Bielawa is a secluded and picturesque land. As a town it is amotive place, both for inhabitants and tourists. Mother-Nature decided to connect two elements here – water and mountains. The Town is located on the height of 280 m.a.s.l. upto 245 m.a.s.l. and its main asset is its location at the foot of the oldest European mountains – the Sowie Mountain. Four main tourist trails run across eight thousand hectares of the Sowie Mountains Landscape Park. In addition, in Bielawa there is a nearly 24-ha water reservoir – the Lake Bielawskie. It is probably the most beautifully located water reservoir in Poland.

At the lake area there are: guarded sandy beach, a pier, an island, a water equipment rental, outdoor swimming pool with a water slide and a playground for children, football pitch, volleyball and basketball courts, a gym and outdoor sandy playground. Nearby there is an access to a hotel and catering.

Bielawa recommends water attractions, but it is also a place for active recreation in the Sowie Mountains. Here, there are nearly 500 kilometers of ski and mountain bike, hiking and Nordic walking trails. The Sowie Mountains are also a paradise for runners and a cross-country and downhill skiers.

When you are visiting Bielawa, please come and see a rope and a canoe routes in the Town Park. You can also visit two observation towers – the tower of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (101 meters high) and the other located in the Parkowa Mountain. After an active sightseeing we encourage you to visit an indoor swimming pool "Aquarius".

Architecture attractions and hiking trails, cross-country skiing trails, a swimming pool and ski lifts in the town itself and in the Sowie Mountains provide an opportunity for family recreation all year round.

We are waiting for tourists questions at the Tourist Information Centre and Promotion Department of the Town Hall.

* First documented mention of Bielawa comes from 1288. It is believed that the name Bielawa comes from the Slavic name for a stream (biela,bila – white).

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